You’ll find St. Martin Parish in the heart of Louisiana where Cajun culture runs deep. Here, authentic, live, energetic music and the savory scents of Cajun and Creole dishes fill the air. Wonder our main streets to discover the best food you’ve ever had, spend the day exploring the Bayou, and end your day listening to live music while having a cold drink. Life’s good here and we’re confident you’ll enjoy it once you visit. 

If you like unique culture, look no further than St. Martin Parish for some of the best festivals featuring live music and celebrations of heritage. Annual festivals are anticipated for their live music, dancing, mouth watering Cajun and Creole food, kid-friendly activities and comedy shows. Spend a gorgeous, warm evening under the Louisiana sky with your friends, soaking in the culture. 

See what we have to offer in housing, education, culture and cost of living. Come visit and discover why St. Martin Parish is an amazing place to build your life.